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Best Gaming Laptops of 2021
January 3, 2021

Best Gaming Laptops of 2021

The coming of gaming laptops has created a whole new world of possibilities for PC gamers the world over. regular laptops are different from gaming laptops. It was not easy  to play  big games with normal PCs. Gone are the days when it was considered impossible to play all the latest games on a regular PC.   Not only was the specification far too high but the PC itself was simply beyond the reach of the average gamer. Gaming laptops have become affordable enough that virtually any gamer can enjoy the latest in PC gaming wherever they want. Here is a list of our personal top picks for the best gaming laptops of the future.

MSI GF63 Gaming Laptop

MSI Gaming laptop is another gaming laptop with excellent features and specifications. The MSI Gaming notebook is an engineering marvel that combines powerful speed and high quality performance. With a quad-core processor, the MSI Gaming laptop offers twice the power of an average desktop computer, along with all the high performance and features that you need to dominate your competition. You can run any of your computing tasks at high resolutions and above, because this notebook has many memory banks to ensure that you have never been so productive in any given moment.

With a nice design and powerful hardware, the MSI Gaming laptop is pretty decent when it comes to performance. In fact, some of the other laptops with similar specifications offer higher-end configurations with faster processors and higher-quality graphics cards, but the MSI Gaming notebook comes in at a very reasonable price and still manages to offer a lot for its price. The MSI GF 63 runs extremely fast, even when you are using the best of programs, such as a program designed for heavy gaming use. The screen on this laptop is also very sharp, with wide viewing angles and excellent contrast ratios.

The MSI GF63 8th gaming laptop has an aluminum keyboard with full backlighting. It uses a standard sized keyboard with Tesco rubberized keys, which makes for a very comfortable feel. The keyboard is responsive and lightweight, and some people may say that the travel distance when typing on the keys is a little bit too long. The rest of the keyboards on the laptops are generally very good, though, so if you want to use a normal desktop keyboard you will not be disappointed with your choice.

Blade Stealth Pro

Out of all the contenders on our list, the Blade Stealth Pro is without a doubt the most exciting choice. The name itself has got to set your pulse racing. If you are a fan of concealed blade designs then this could be the perfect choice for you. The Blade Stealth is made from a lightweight aluminum frame with two vertically aligned smooth edged fans. Each of the blade sets are outfitted with five blade speeds, high definition video output, an isolated headphone port, two USB ports and a firm grip keyboard. While the Blade Stealth Pro does not have the strongest frame or the largest battery life, it has extremely powerful dual-core processor with optimized game settings.

Considering that the Blade Stealth Pro is an aluminum laptop, we decided to test its gaming performance using our usual suite of benchmarks. Armed with a fresh installation of Windows and updated with the latest service packs, we loaded up our graphics benchmarking utility and got ready to take on the Blade Stealth Pro’s challenge. The results were not good to see, but the performance improvements certainly pointed to the fact that this laptop is more than capable of delivering powerful gaming performance. Fortunately, in our normal suite of benchmarks, these performance gains come pretty easily. For our gaming tests though, things were a bit more challenging to achieve.

Our first set of gaming laptops come with only a standard keyboard. This was fine for gamers who regularly play with a mouse or rely on a touchpad. But for those who will be coming to the laptop’s table looking for something more advanced, the need for additional input becomes very important. Thankfully, the Blade Stealth Pro came with a full-sized keyboard which provides plenty of keys for users to feel a sense of control during game play.

HP omen 17 and the Gigabytes i5-7Yblade

So, lets move on to our second set of benchmarks. The next best gaming laptop that you can test and try to include the HP omen 17 and the Gigabytes i5-7Yblade. Both laptops offer standard features found on regular laptops like wireless internet, USB, and optical disc drive support. The omen 17 however offers much better audio output than its counterpart the i5-7Yblade, with its larger sound card and a bigger battery.

A few additional things that both the HP omen 17 and the Gigabytes i5-7Yblade can offer include better thermal processing. Both provide quad-core processors, which help speed up the overall performance of gaming laptops. However, the Gigabytes i5-7Yblade out performs the HP omen 17 in terms of graphics processing, thanks to its slightly higher maximum turbo clockspeeds. While the AMD Athlon XP with its three cores and two threads is more popularly known for its graphics processing abilities, the AMD Athlon is built for heavy duty gaming with high resolutions.

In terms of battery life, both notebooks manage to give you around eight hours of gaming time on a single charge. However, the Gigabytes i5-7Yblade offers a bit more than the HP omen 17 in terms of overall battery life. The notebook’s fan assisted ventilation functions well to keep your laptop cool when gaming. However, the lack of an easily adjustable temperature control is a bit of a drawback.

AMD Athlon XP

With its powerful yet quiet fan, the AMD Athlon XP may be too hot to handle for some, but that’s another issue for another day. If you’re looking for gaming laptops with sturdy machines, then look no further than the Intel Core i7-processor powered G Gaming series. It’s equipped with all the raw power you could ever want in a gaming laptop, with its quad-core processor and generous amount of RAM. Available in a handful of different models, Intel’s newest line of desktop replacements will definitely make your gaming day a memorable one.