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Highly Professional Event Staffing Services


Our team of technical event staffing includes a variety of event professionals who are highly trained and have years of experience providing event solutions throughout the world. Our Event Staffing is experienced, highly trained IT & AV Technicians and Network & Lighting Engineers.

Technical event staffing means custom configuration, equipment installs, WiFi, and so much more.

Highly Professional Event Staffing Services

What Event Staffing Services Would Help Your Event?

Technology Rental provides one of the top event staffing to create magic at your upcoming event. This entails

  • Organizing the actual event as well as its venue
  • Timetables
  • Technological hardware
  • Software
  • Logistics and
  • Timing

Are you unsure of what you need? In more than 50 different countries around the world, our technical event staffing has successfully organized events. We can aid you with new ideas, fascinating locations, and a wide range of technical options that you might not have ever considered.

IT Technicians
Our skilled IT technicians offer hardware configuration and installation and monitor your equipment for any issues. They can configure, customize and create iOS or Windows software as well as install EPOS technology.
AV Technicians
We can design and install AV equipment for any size event, including the installation of digital signage, broadcasting, cable installation, live streaming, projection, speakers, mics, diagnostics, and monitoring live feeds.
IT/AV Assistants
Our IT/AV assistants can design AV equipment setups and install them, provide support, sync internet, coordinate graphics, support teleconferences, monitor webinars, and test sound equipment to specification.
Network Engineers
We provide secure, high-speed internet for every type of event. This can include setup, installation, and troubleshooting of equipment and repairing/ replacing faulty connections on-site.
Lighting Engineers
We can install and operate stage lighting equipment, design technical solutions, and offer technical assistance and support as needed. We maintain best lighting practices and standards at all times..

Event technicians with local knowledge and global experience

Event technicians with local knowledge and global experience

The Right Technical Event Staffing

Technology Rental provides technical event staffing hire that is professional, consistent and follows Health & Safety regs. We offer international coverage and 24/7 global support.

Our team works for you to provide you with as much or as little event staffing as your business or event requires.

Our team works for you to provide you with as much or as little event staffing as your business or event requires.

Health & Safety
All of our equipment is tested and monitored regularly and undergoes PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) to meet electrical safety standards. Our event technology is always safe and in perfect condition.
24/7 Global Support
We offer 24/7 technical support, so you are never on your own. This can include an onsite technical presence throughout the event for a flawless digital experience.
Project Managers
Our dedicated project managers manage and coordinate all types of complex events. Highly trained, they’ll run each event precisely, every time.
Graphic Designers
Our graphic designers create artwork that communicates your branding and vision. Explore layouts and designs that can solve any digital marketing challenge while showcasing flawlessly at events.
Video Producers
Videography and production through visual storytelling. Content for digital signage and broadcasting at events, conferences, and festivals. Professional filming and post-production with an edge.

Our dedicated, professional staff are here to help make your event as successful and memorable as possible

Event technicians with local knowledge and global experience

Why Choose Us?


Choosing us will give you many event staffing benefits like

1. Planning

Every event includes in office support of a project manager, ensuring smooth planning, set up, and execution.

2. On-site Management

Lead managers and backup staff is available for larger-scale programs.

3. Reporting

ROI driven data reporting to improve spending to demonstrate our devoted, passionate, and trustworthy event staffing.

Event staffing service for corporate events

What Our Customers Say About Us


“The staff was not just knowledgeable but proactive in handling complex tasks!! I can’t say enough good things, and I’ll remember you for future events!”

Frequently Asked Questions


What is an essential quality of an event staffing rental worker?

Flexibility is crucial for event staffing as it relates to their capacity to perform successfully under pressure. A staff that maintains composure under pressure makes things much less stressful when contingency plans are used, which is why event managers spend hours creating them.

What are the responsibilities of event staffing rental?

The logistic management of corporate and public events is aided by event staffing. As well as serving as ushers and running cash registers, their main duties involve putting up venues, seats, and stages for events.

What is the best way to reach us?

If you need to contact us, please call the Technology Rental office phone at +1 (602) 737-0011 or email us at sales@technologyrental.com. To contact us, just request a free consultation.

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