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Oculus Quest VR rent: 5 Things We Love About it
August 25, 2020

Oculus Quest VR rent: 5 Things We Love About it

What do we love about the evolving platform of the Oculus Quest VR rent package? Here’s 5 reasons to give this a go. The Facebook owned platform is impressive and highly sought after! Here’s why…


Multiple Software Improvements of the Oculus Quest Rental

Combines the entirety of its software and hardware advances into a single headset. And it keeps improving. Oculus has added a number of features since launch, including Bluetooth connectivity, Oculus Link and hand tracking! None of these changes required alterations to the hardware either!


The Quest has Hand Tracking

The is a bonus if you happen to lose the controllers. Without this feature misplacing your controllers basically renders the headset useless. This was added after the launch and we’re really glad about the addition!


Simple setup for the Oculus Quest

To set up the Quest, you just need a 5×5 foot area. No additional cables or wires are required for setup. The Quest now supports Bluetooth audio, which is useful- going wireless is just more fun!


The Oculus Quest Rental is Easy to Use!

Simply don your oculus Quest headset and you are ready to use it! You don’t have to turn on the TV or start-up Steam VR- just literally put on the headset and turn on the controllers to begin using it.


Oculus’s SLAM Algorithm

You’ve got to love an algorithm named ‘SLAM’. This feature remembers spaces and rooms. It knows where the surroundings and floor are. It can track the position of the headset in 6 Degrees of Freedom (6-DoF.)


In summary, the Oculus Quest VR rent features are impressive and we’d recommend trying it for yourself! Get in touch with a member of the team today for all of our rental options. We’re always happy to help you get set up.