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Turn your iPad into a Laptop
March 31, 2021

Turn your iPad into a Laptop

Your iPad can do almost all your laptop can. However, if you want to use your Corporate iPad as your laptop or PC to run your business, there are some considerations you should take into account. There is a broad way that you can use your iPad or iPad Pro as a laptop, as long as you have the right applications and accessories. There are three categories to consider to turn your iPad into your everyday laptop computer.

  1. Accessories

The first accessory, that you need to make your iPad into a laptop is a keyboard case that has a trackpad. Apple magic keyboard is probably the best one that you can get for your iPad. This apple magic keyboard on your iPad gives you that laptop feel with the way its casework. It also gives you an extra USB-C port for charging only but it adds another USBC port to your iPad itself.

The second and best thing that should have for any computer now especially Apple is a dongle. Many dongles can be used with iPad or iPad pro but one of the best is Twelve South StayGo. It gives you USB 3.0 Type-A, USB 3.1 Type C, Ethernet, HDMI, Secure Digital Card. This gives the iPad Pro more power to do the things you need to do if you are looking at it as a laptop.

If you are thinking about an Apple laptop as an option all of them are going to need a dongle in some way or form. So having a dongle for an iPad is even more accessible because now you can use it the same way if you had a laptop.

The third is a wireless mouse. This is not something you need but this is something if you wanted to take your iPad to the next level. Although a trackpad can do it all but the mouse can be helpful with video editing related stuff. Using a trackpad is great but having a wireless mouse also gives you the ease of plugging it into an external monitor. Apple magic mouse could be the best option because of its swipe gesture.

  1. Applications

The second category is about applications.


Having a desktop class safari allow you to go to some of your favourite applications that you would want to use and use those web browser versions of them. Another key to have safari is, it allows you to download anything from safari right into your files folder on your iPad.

Files App

You can import file from downloading them from safari or your external drives and or anything.  File management app can be used as a local storage mechanism. With a new file management layout, you can integrate everything, with having external drives makes it even more like a laptop replacement.

Shift Screen App

Shift Screen is an application that allows you to use any external monitor and have full-screen real estate. If you wanted to do anything on a web browsing platform with Google doc or maybe use MS office or wanted to watch YouTube video full screen, you can do all those things right from Shift Screen. It is integrated with a lot of applications. You can also plug it into an external monitor and use it in full capacity just like a laptop. It’s a paid application that cost only $5.

  1. Workflow

The third category for tips to turn your iPad into a laptop is Workflow management. Workflow is pulling everything together between your accessories and application. And you start to create that workflow that feels more like a laptop. Some of the best features include:

Spotlight Search

In the latest iPads Spotlight search usually pops up at the very top of the screen and you can still see the application you re currently in. You can simply find other applications and file through it without going to the home screen.


Now can have widgets all over your screen just like on your iPhone. One can make a better layout with these widgets and have some of those productivities that allows you to see things more frequently on your home page as a widget.  Widgets allow you to put anything that needs quick access right there on that home screen and see them instantly.


Shortcuts is a way to automate things on iPad/iPad Pro and gives the advantage of saving time.  These shortcuts take you directly to places and even cut down the use of the Search Bar. These shortcuts help you with workflow on your iPad for turning it into a laptop.

Gesture and Commands

If you hold down the command (cmd) key on your iPad on your home screen or any application that it has commands for, you can see all the commands that iPad has which makes your workflow much faster. Having that Apple magic keyboard or keyboard that has a trackpad on it can see gestures that you can do with having that keyboard case with the track. This thing allows you to have a much better easier workflow.