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Epson C3500 Label Printer – Inkjet Badge Printer For Corporate Events 


Without a doubt, having badges for visitors are essential. To meet colorful badge requirements, the Inkjet badge printer is one of the most basic tools. The event planner must carefully consider their choice of badge printer.

For full-color badges printed on-site, the Epson Colorworks C3500 label printer is the ideal choice. The design is strong and compact, making it the best option for handling the on-demand and on-site badge printing needs.


Event badges and business cards with colorful logos and images can be printed from a single device thanks to this  Epson C3500 printer. Technology Rental holds stock in multiple depots across the United States making the rental of the Epson C3500 easier than ever.  so renting the Epson C3500 is easier than ever with us.

From the high-quality on-demand badge printing without the requirement for pre-designed templates,the Epson C3500 aids in compliance with GHS international chemical labeling regulations. With this printer, you can cut down on printing extra badges for no-shows while still maintaining a great deal of badge design flexibility.

Epson C3500 ColorWorks Badge Printer Rental Services 
Rent Epson ColorWorks C3500 For Corporate Events.

Rent Epson C3500 For Corporate Events – Print With Quality 


The task of printing in bulk for events, exhibits, tradeshows, conferences, or meetings may prove challenging for event planners. Such gatherings need a sizable number of powerful printers to handle the demands. Logistics, equipment sourcing, and selecting the appropriate printer settings for your requirements add more workload for organizers.

Avoid lengthy queues of participants while on-site to ensure a seamless operation of the event’s activities. Quick badge printing is required to handle it and the event planner must be concerned about this.

To overcome such a workload, get the rental service of the Epson C3500. Because of its user-friendly interface, comprehensive on-site registration software, and rear-feed functionality for fanfold and large rolls, it is the best option for event organizers. Due to its fast printing speed, it would be the perfect addition to your on-site badge printing needs.

Choose Technology Rental – Convenient Printer Rentals for Business Use 


Technology Rental is ready to assist you with your printing needs. We are a global provider of the most advanced event IT rental solutions and technical services in no time.

Technology Rental can support you with advanced printing technology for holistic printing solutions. We have industry-leading Epson ™ C3500 printers available for rent as part of our wide technology inventory. The Epson Colorworks C3500, Swoogo, CVENT, EventsAir, Aventri, and EventT also being compatible. As a result, get a quote for ColorWorks C3500 as soon as possible.

Additionally, Technology Rental provides worldwide assistance with badge stock and technical staffing for registration setups. We have dominated the market for renting out registration printers for many years. We satisfy all hardware, on-site staffing, printing, and event registration requirements from across the world.

Perhaps the maintenance services that are included are one of the major benefits of choosing to rent an Epson Colorworks C3500 printer. Technology Rental has a round-the-clock expert team to receive help from if you encounter some issues with the rented device.

Enjoys Epson C3500 printers for your events to get reliable, high-quality printing results.

Rent Epson ™ C3500 Badge Printer

Rent Epson C3500 Corporate Events. 
rent epson c3500

Key Features of the Epson Colorworks C3500


Today, color badges with graphics are used for highlighting vital information. This progress has led to a huge rise in label varieties and label creation complexity. The best option is the Epson ColorWorks C3500 because it can print full-color badges right away. Due to its following features, it is the ideal option for high-quality printing.

  • High-Speed

    Epson C3500 can print full-color badges at a speed of up to 4 inches per second. Due to its quick print speed, it is the ideal addition to your on-site badge printing requirements.

  • Simple to Use

    The Epson C3500 makes it straightforward to print on a variety of materials, including labels and coated matte and glossy paper. This implies that creating the precise badges you need shouldn't be difficult.

  • Create Custom Badges

    The C3500 allows you to rapidly design and print your own color labels. This printer ensures that you can print any customization, including badges and tickets that have barcodes and product details.

  • Robust Design for Corporate Events

    The Compact, robust design of the Epson 3500 badge printer is ideal for small workspaces and commercial events alike.

  • Flexible and Reliable

    The Epson TM C3500 is resilient, versatile, and resistant to dust and water. These features make it suitable for commercial settings.

  • USB and Ethernet Interfaces

    Both the Ethernet and USB interfaces are included by default and can be utilized as local or network printers.

What our Customers Say About Us


“For our product testing events, we have been renting printers from Technology Rental, and they consistently meet our unique requirements. They know well how to find a way to help you. They did the same for us. For badge printing, we hired Epson C3500 from them. I’m pleased with how quickly they responded and their excellent service, which made things simpler for us. Unquestionably, highly recommended.”

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Epson ™ C3500 – Frequently Asked Questions 

The most recent addition, the Epson C3500 printer, offers low-cost, excellent badge printing. Get it now. The most common questions about renting an Epson C3500 are answered below. If you have any additional queries about the process, contact our experts.

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Why is this Epson C3500 better than a standard thermal badge printer for events?

The Epson C3500 is a premium inkjet badge printer that produces prints quickly and with high quality. This printer can print in color as opposed to thermal badge printers, which can only print in black. Furthermore, because it prints on a range of media types and is very adjustable, it is perfect for producing event badges, tickets, and labels on demand and on-site.

Can we hire an Epson C3500 in high quantity for our large-scale event?

Yes. Technology Rental offers solutions for large-scale events. For use at professional events, we can rent out a large amount of Epson C3500 units. To help you make smarter decisions, though, we advise speaking with our experts.

Can you provide badge paper with the event's rented printer?

Technology Rental collaborates with numerous specialized printing companies that specialize in badge paper, so you can combine your requirements and purchase hardware and badge paper from us for your event.

Color badges and changeable data can be printed in advance using the on-site Epson printer. To learn more about your possibilities, get in touch with our experts. Technology Rental offers badge printers and badge material for rent for events all around the world.

How many cartridge and toner sets should we order with the printer?

The Epson C3500 includes four ink cartridge slots and a maintenance box (cyan, black, yellow, and magenta). These supplies are included when you hire a printer. Depending on your company’s requirements, the badge design, and the volume of prints, you’ll need a certain number of cartridges.

Can I rent laptops and iPads to use with my registration printer?

Yes, Technology Rental provides a complete hardware solution, including the rental of laptops, iPads, networking devices, and printers like the Epson C3500, for on-site registration and printing needs. Your priority is ours. For questions, contact us. Technology Rental provides a complimentary consultation for individuals who require assistance with event registration and badge printing.

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