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We understand the elements of a successful event, prom event production, format, content, and technology. We help identity and exceed KPIs and leverage the right tools for your virtual events.

1. Production Quality:
Consider a professional recording to improve the quality of your event.
5. Content Delivery and Duration:
Plan for an identify any potential distractions
2. Engagement Activities:
Adding value is crucial for engagement. Think about key engagement experiences such as Q&As, live polls and feedback.
6. Connectivity:
A wifi connection that is secure, high-speed and consistent is essential.
3. On-line Venue Requirement:
Think about options such as venue requirements, break out spaces, just a main plenary and more.
7. Accessibility:
Consider the devices or specifications needed to make this event accessible to all. Inclusivity is key!
4. Networking Opportunities:
Choose from networking options that can take place before after and during the event and decide how to best accommodate them.
8. Audience size:
A one size fits all approach does not apply here. Tailor your event to the size of your audience.

Services We Can Help With

  • Virtual venue environments
  • Networking Platforms
  • Webcasts
  • Live Streaming
  • Quality Production
  • Webinars
  • Engagement Integration
  • Event Website and marketing
  • AI integration

At Technology Rental we can support solutions which:

  • Enhance your software solution.
  • Deliver a multi-day online conference.
  • Produce an engaging live streamed event.
  • Create a new interactive avatar-based networking platform.
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The Right Virtual Event Experience

Planning and the right technology and virtual platforms are essential for successful virtual events. We can help you get started, provide technology as needed or even complete project management from initial idea to post event follow-up. Get in touch for a free consultation and estimate. We can work with a range of budgets, requirements and ROI goals, and are always happy to hear about your next event.


Our team works with a number of world leading virtual events platforms and understand that each offers something a little different. We can let you know which platforms may be worth considering and help with any aspect in which you could use consultation or guidance. Planning a virtual event is an art in itself and fortunately we have both the experience and the right team behind us, with thousands of corporate clients worldwide and 10 global offices who are putting together fantastic events every day.


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