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RFID Reader at Event

What is RFID anyway? It’s an acronym for Radio Frequency Identification and its used in nearly every sector including the medical, entertainment, education, technical, pharmaceutical and retail industries. It’s used to track inventory and check event passes. Merchants use it to scan items for payment and registration staff check entrance into VIP areas with RFID technology. We provide RFID printers, media readers, NFC Bluetooth devices and antennas.

Zebra ZD500R

Full of features, the ZD500R is Link-OS-enabled making it simple to integrate and manage. With automatic calibration, you’ll enjoy lower media cost, less waste and fewer roll changes. Featuring UHF RFID encoding capabilities.

ACR1255U Bluetooth® NFC Reader Rental

ACR1255U-J1 NFC Bluetooth® NFC Reader connects wirelessly with mobile devices to facilitate smart card and NFC applications on the go. The device uses 13.56 MHz contactless technology and can read/write at a speed of up to 424 Kbps.

RFID Reader at Event: What are the benefits?

With RFID you can read multiple tags at one time and sync this data to iPads, cell phones, tablets and laptops via software applications. RFID readers are a lifesaver when it comes to event efficiency, and we have a range of kit to choose from. The Linea Pro Scanner is an option that provides an RFID reader and a contactless payment system in one case. You simply place an iPhone or an iPod touch into the case and it becomes a two in one device.


We also have the latest Zebra scanners. Zebra is an industry leading in RFID and scanning technology and we have both wired and Bluetooth zebra scanners available for hire. This company has over 300patents on RFID tech- they are constantly improving their interface and equipment for greater efficiency and purpose. Need fixed, hands-free, wireless or wired scanners? We can help!


Additional Technology and Services

We have a range of the latest RFID reader at event technology that you can rent and we also have additional technology such as iPads and laptops, cell phones and accessories, SIM cards and iPad stands, Apple Pencils and cash drawer rental, EPOS terminals and so much more. We have WiFi installation and technical event staff who have over a decade of experience. Get in touch today for a free quote or consultation, 24/7!


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