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Event Registration

Registration is first point of contact you have with your guests and it’s never been more important. The wrong experience will be set the tone for the remainder of an event. We can help you to create a registration process that is simple, painless and even creative and fun for your guests, all with competitive pricing and over a decade of event experience.

Let us know about your next event, your equipment requirements and preferences and we can help design a registration experience that’s right for you, or just provide some equipment that’s needed to complete your technology requirements. We have a customer service team who can help you organise your delegate registration with the perfect event registration platform and software.

Our registration process is made to be simple, user friendly and totally efficient. Get in touch today to learn more or to just have a quick consult or free quote.


Personalisation in Event Registration


Event Registration platforms are more successful when they are personal. Create a bespoke response path on everything from your workshop bookings to food allergies and travel directions. Ask custom questions and give your guests a unique experience that makes them feel noticed and appreciated. Delegate registration with a professional yet custom approach is a great way to value your guests and provide them with the guest experience they deserve. Personalise applications and organise guest categories on your event registration platform such as staff, press, students or VIP.

Offer sign in with social media such as Linked In for a faster check in process which will enable guests quick access to profile pictures as well. This is just one way to offer options within your delegate registration that can make all the difference.


Ticket Types


Tickets can be as unique as your guests and are meant to represent your event in a streamlined way. Create a variety of different ticketing types such as student tickets, VIP tickets, Press passes and Early Bird tickets. This will enable you to tailor your pricing to your audience which could make all the difference in your event ROI.

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