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EPOS Rental

EPOS means Electronic Point of Sale and it’s used to make payments wirelessly. It also can include a range of software which can track inventory and sales, taxes and other merchant details to create an accurate reporting system that’s easy to use. EPOS rental can mean the hardware which customers or attendees used with their chip and pin cards in order to make payment or it could refer to the software that transfers the payment. We hire a range of EPOS devices such as docks, card readers and full terminals.


Festival EPOS Kit


We also have the latest equipment for festivals including electronic cash drawers, iPad desktop and floor stands, barcode scanners, portable printers, and iPad hire to accompany your EPOS system setup. We can preload the iPad hire for example with the EPOS apps and other event apps that you require. We can also send over onsite event technicians to help you throughout your event as needed with setup, integration, and any staff training required.

EPOS technology is used at exhibitions, conferences, conventions, product launches, awards ceremonies and charity fundraisers. Festival EPOS kit is just about essential for managing crowds efficiently. It’s used anywhere payments are taken and that is just about any event you’ll attend this year!

Square Stand
  • Simple set up in minutes
  • Adjustable
  • Comes with a USB port
  • Fits most iPads
  • Keeps iPad and Square reader charged all day
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Square Reader
  • Takes card payments via contactless or chip & PIN
  • Accepts all major cards
  • Connects to device using Bluetooth
  • Works with iOS or Android
  • Compatible with Square, Vend, Good Till, Lavu and TouchBistro POS software
  • Lasts up to 8 hours of continuous usage once charged
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Square Dock
  • Dock for Square Reader keeps your reader charged, stable and ready for payments at the point-of-sale.
  • The upward tilt makes it easy to accept chip & PIN and contactless payments.
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L7 Case Hire
  • Roaming sales terminal
  • Combines with iPad 1/2/3 mini and Square Contactless and Chip & PIN Reader
  • Durable for everyday use
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iZettle Hire
  • Take card payments, contactless or through chip & pin
  • Accepts all major cards
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Works with iOS or Android
  • Compatible with iZettle, Nobly POS and iKentoo POS software
  • Accessorise with iZettle Cradle – a charging device
  • Can take up to 1,000 payments from a fully charged device
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Electronic Cash Drawer Rental
  • Keep your money safe and secure an event
  • Manual, which works when the drawer is pushed
  • Electronic, which works through an additional printer that pushes the drawer open when a transaction is put through.
  • Key turning which needs a key to be turned when inserted in the cash drawer to allow access.
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Manual Cash Drawer Rental
  • Keep your money safe and secure during an event
  • Manual, which works when the drawer is pushed
  • Electronic, which works through the addition of a printer
  • Key turning: needs a key to be turned when inserted into the cash drawer to allow access
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Epson Receipt Printer TMT011
  • Fast print speeds
  • High reliability
  • Economic
  • Ideal for small shops, seminars
  • Prints receipts
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Bank Note Currency Counter
  • Electronic banknote counter
  • Counts up to 1,000 notes a minute
  • Detect fraudulent notes using UV lighting
  • Saves business time and money
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EPOS Event staffing
  • Staff for installation of EPOS systems in events
  • Menu building and management
  • Onsite support
  • EPOS operators
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Event Wi-Fi Hire
  • Range of networking options
  • Satellite, 4G or Hardline
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NFC Bluetooth Reader - ACR1255U
  • Make instant payments via smartphones or tablets wirelessly
  • Use in events to read ID cards/wristbands for registration and more
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iZettle Reader

Payment terminal for quick and secure transactions.

  • Accept payments from: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Maestro, Visa Electron
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • All-day power supply
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iZettle Charging Dock

Charging dock for iZettle card reader.

  • Perfect to keep card reader on a counter
  • Ensures card reader is always charged
  • Makes card payments easy
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Stores money safely during events. We have three options:

  • Manual
  • Electronic
  • Key turning
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Star TSP100 Series

A thermal printer. Used mainly for EPOS set ups.

  • Ethernet
  • Wireless Lan
  • Bluetooth
  • USB Type-B
  • Lightning Capabilities.
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Heckler Stand
  • A display stand that can be used to hold all iPads except Pros and minis.
  • Can be secured through adhesive pad or via solid fixing.
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Till Roll
  • Used for client receipts when an order is run through the till.
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Wooden Bracket
  • Used mainly for the purpose of an EPOS set up.
  • Wooden brackets can be used to hold a cash drawer and is also used as a platform for an EPOS set up to stand on.
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Square Reader

Payment terminal which is secure, fast and simple.

  • Accepts chip and PIN and contactless cards/devices
  • Connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to a tablet or phone
  • Accept payments quickly
  • Powerful battery lasts all day
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Square Dock

Keeps your reader charged, stable and ready for payments.

  • Upward tilt makes it easy to accept chip + PIN and contactless payments
  • Keep at point of sale
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Square EPOS Rental

We offer Square EPOS rental such as L7 case hire for our customers as well- which contains a Square L7 case housing an iPad 2/3 mini and a Square card reader. It has reliefs for charging, a magstripe reader and is sturdy and easy to hold onto. Take payments via Square rental and money is deposited into your bank account the next working day.

  • Accurate transactions
  • Uploads and analyses data
  • Deposits to bank the next working day


iZettle Rental and EPOS Systems that Work


EPOS systems can include any number of items that help make up your merchant counter including printers, scanners, cash drawers, iPads, and barcode readers. It includes software and terminals from brands such as Square rental and iZettle rental. We have one of the largest inventories in the world of EPOS systems and can assist you with renting any of the EPOS equipment you require, individually or as part of cost saving packages. Contact us for a free estimate!

For iZettle rental, Square rental, or any event technology required, contact us 24/7!

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