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High Speed 4G Internet Rental Solution


When it comes to successful event execution, You need temporary fast WiFi Internet. As Your experience is as good as your connection and we do it right. For conferences, trade exhibitions, business meetings, and outdoor events, Technology Rental offers temporary Internet connectivity solutions. For up to 7 devices, our 4G Internet hire offers temporary WiFi solutions that may be used at any event.

We offer high-speed and secure mobile internet that will keep you connected in any location in the USA and globally. Easy access for mobile phones, laptops, and tablets with an exceptionally fast MiFi 4G router that gives you the speed and connectivity you need, when you need it!


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Connect up to 7 devices with Cradle, MiFi routers and the long-lasting battery that will keep you and your guests online for hours. In events, these are perfect as remote access points. Our 4G networking kits will perform regardless of the quality of the venue Wifi or the infrastructure in place. It enables you more freedom and versatility.

Cradlepoint Rental Hire: Enterprise 4G RouterCradlepoint Rental Hire: Enterprise 4G Router
  • Cradlepoint offers higher-performance yet secure cloud solutions for digital signage and kiosks. Client often utilize it for remote access points during events or as back-up on primary internet connections. Contact us for Cradlepoint rental services
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4G LTE MiFi Router Hire4G LTE MiFi Router Hire
  • Connects multiple devices in the same area such exhibition stands or meeting locations at a venue where Wi-Fi is unavailable. MiFi router hire is powered with 4G internet, connects up to 1-7 devices, and has excellent battery life. Contact us for MiFi router hire
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4G LTE Professional Router4G LTE Professional Router
  • Industrial grade 4G and APN networking equipment- installation and configuration is available. Our 4G router and APN Networking Kits can power up to 100 devices and the solution is scalable depending on your needs.
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4G Anytime!


Whether you are in an exhibition stand, pop-up shop, on the move, or in a remote area, you will have the connection you need to power your business. Technology Rental also provides the installation and setup, accessories, and SIM cards, as well as a variety of AV equipment rental and just about any additional event-related hardware. Reach us around the clock, for your convenience, and don’t forget to ask for a free quote!

We’ve been in the event business for over a decade and have a team of skilled professionals who are ready to help you with your next event!

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What Our Customers Say About Us


“Technology Rental’s 4G internet service was outstanding. Smooth connectivity made our event possible. They helped us put up the event, gave us sage advice, and guided us through the entire procedure. Highly recommended!”


Frequently Asked Questions


Renting 4G internet can surely enhance your event and how clients view your business. We have provided answers to some of the often-asked questions regarding the 4G internet hire service.

How would I Pickup or Collect The 4G Internet Device?

If you are organizing an event or running a business,  It would be delivered to your office or event location and would be set up for you. Our technical event workforce is made up of a range of event experts with years of expertise offering event solutions all around the world. They are all highly qualified specialists.

At The End of The Rental Agreement, Do I Own The 4G Internet devices?

No, Technological Rental will continue to own the technology items, including the Cradlepoint, MiFi Router, and 4G LTE Professional Router, for the term of the rental agreement.

Can We Upgrade The Length Of The Agreement?

Yes, you can upgrade your rental agreement and its length. Contact our team for further information.

What Happens If I Don't Get The Gadgets?

Contact us immediately by calling or emailing to notify us of the situation. Our team will help you in any situation.

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