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September 28, 2021
How to Disinfect and Clean your Apple Products

Now that the COVID-19 has made its presence, and doesn’t seem to leave anyway soon, it makes more sense to sanitize the devices we carry in our hands and pockets all the time, take to the bathroom with us, and them keep extremely tight, tidily close, to the[…]

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May 27, 2021
How iPad Kiosk Systems Benefit Small Businesses

Apple products have been at the forefront of bringing about technological advances ever since the company’s inception. Nowadays, iPads are used around the world as kiosk systems that manage the workforce of small businesses using high-end technology. When the employer relies on the software available on iPads, it is not just the hours that[…]

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April 22, 2021
The iPad Pro can scan your house, and future iPhones might do too

It’s been a couple of months now since Apple’s AR-enhanced iPad Pro has been on the market, but only a few AR apps have taken advantage of the device’s new lidar depth sensor. The rear sensor may be a glimpse of technology that will appear in future iPhones,[…]

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April 13, 2021
How To Print Wirelessly From Your iPhone, iPad Or Android Smartphone

Technology is changing the way people store their most important personal and professional items into their mobile phones and other IT equipment. If you rent iphones for exhibition or conference, you might need to print wirelessly to a nearby printer. Because of cloud data storage, you can take[…]

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March 31, 2021
Turn your iPad into a Laptop

Your iPad can do almost all your laptop can. However, if you want to use your Corporate iPad as your laptop or PC to run your business, there are some considerations you should take into account. There is a broad way that you can use your iPad or[…]

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February 22, 2021
Four Reasons to Rent a Business Laptop

  primary or the most obvious reason for which businesses prefer to go for business laptop rental is its cost effectiveness. The rental Laptop is almost cost-effectiveness than purchasing a new laptop. Since the rental Laptop comes at a low price, the business definitely has an opportunity to[…]

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January 31, 2021
how to Run your Business from your iPad

It is not easy to know how to run your business from your iPad, but it’s possible. The iPad is an amazing device with many features, but most of these features can be used effectively for business purposes. For example, there are apps that allow you to manage[…]

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January 19, 2021
Selecting the Best Office Printer For Your Needs

Printing is a crucial part of every office environment. Choosing the right office printer can have a direct impact on productivity and business output. Choosing the wrong printer will not only mean you are wasting money on inferior products but it will also have an adverse impact on[…]

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January 13, 2021
Difference between a Gaming Laptop and a Business Laptop

There are so many differences between gaming laptop and business laptop. When I say ‘differences’, I don’t just mean the different types of hardware that are inside these laptops. I also mean the differences in the features that are available on each of these laptops. And I want[…]

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January 3, 2021
Best Gaming Laptops of 2021

The coming of gaming laptops has created a whole new world of possibilities for PC gamers the world over. regular laptops are different from gaming laptops. It was not easy  to play  big games with normal PCs. Gone are the days when it was considered impossible to play[…]

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