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Difference between a Gaming Laptop and a Business Laptop
January 13, 2021

Difference between a Gaming Laptop and a Business Laptop

There are so many differences between gaming laptop and business laptop. When I say ‘differences’, I don’t just mean the different types of hardware that are inside these laptops. I also mean the differences in the features that are available on each of these laptops. And I want you to be able to tell me what all these differences are because I want to compare them against each other to see which ones offer the best combination of features and benefits for your needs.

Graphics Card

Most of the time, these gaming laptops have the same features and hardware configuration as laptops used for business. The most important feature of a gaming laptop is its graphics card. This is what allows the laptop to run games. So, it is important to make sure that you get a good one with the specifications you need.

But do not worry; there are many different brands of laptops. All of them will come with different features and specifications. It is up to you to choose which features are really essential for your computing needs. Some of the features that you might want to look for include wireless card support, high-end processor, optical drive, and so on. You can even buy or rent laptops with extra hard drives and solid-state drives. However, laptops with standard hard drives will usually have more storage capacity for files and programs.


Business laptops generally have larger keyboards than gaming laptops to reach all the functions on the screen. large keyboard will help you to type easier and faster which eventually makes your work faster.


Almost all the new games are demanding high RAMs for smooth game play. Most of the Gaming Laptops will have upgradable RAM which makes your laptop compatible for the latest games. Whereas business laptops come with non-upgradable RAM, as upgradation of RAM are not required mostly.

Screen Size

Business Laptops will have big screen size than gaming laptops for doing office work. The business laptops will have least 17 inches. However, some laptops can actually support laptop screens up to 24 inches. you can rent monitor here.

Cooling System

The last thing that you should know when comparing the difference between gaming laptops and business laptops is the cooling system. Gaming laptops are designed for gamers and they have better systems for cooling. Gaming laptops normally comes with 2 cooling systems. there are also many laptops that can work well for working people who want to minimize noise while working. Therefore, the laptops cooling system will depend on the type of work that you do.