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Increased Use of Satellite Internet Hire Services


Satellite Internet hire services are easily accessible than ever before. Event planners are taking advantage of the opportunity to provide coverage in a variety of scenarios in which alternate internet solutions are not as appropriate. For example, broadcasters will tend to use satellite internet (think about the satellite dishes you’ve see on news vans) because in areas in which multiple users are getting online, a 4G connection won’t always provide enough bandwidth.

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Why You Need To Rent Satellite Internet?

Rent satellite internet, as it enables you to access the internet via a modem and a satellite dish. Moreover, a geostationary satellite positioned approximately 23,000 miles above the Earth’s equator.

Internet provision via satellite is increasing with an increase in demand. This year over 1 million users per day are accessing the internet. Looking at the infrastructure and venue capability of your internet is crucial to a successful event. If you are launching a festival in a remote area or need a connection for a mobile event such as a conference that takes place via caravan, you’re going to need. In places where telephone cables or other infrastructure hasn’t been installed, the satellite may be the best possible internet solution.

Why Rent Through Technology Rental?

Rent satellite for an affordable, simple-to-install internet solution. Our network engineers can set it up in less than one hour. It offers high bandwidth usage and there are no peak use times or a number of users or device requirements to comply with. When you contact us to rent internet we can help you with a free consultation and estimate. We’ll provide a site survey, let you know about requirements and a backup solution, and let you know what it will cost in a clear, simple quote with no hidden fees whatsoever.


Get in touch today to rent satellite internet or access any number of our additional internet solutions, including access point rental, personalised bonded internet, our new WiFi in a Box solution, and more. Get in touch today! We’re available 24/7!

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